Sorry for the long comment. Curious to find out what shaft works well with Seniors. I have more of a technical question. Should get something back in return. Have tried others but always come back to the 9 degree. Off center hit hits are amazing, you think you have missed the shot and the ball ends up close to the same distance as an on center hit. Oldplayer 5 years ago.

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Paul June 28, De THI is, in de wishon 919thi uitvoeringen een driver die bij elk type golfer past. Posted 21 March – But it would not really have much of any effect on the CG for the main reason because to even get that loft change, you have to hover the head off wishon 919thi ground while turning the face to square.

The Sunday Driver: Wishon THI – GolfPunkHQ

To see if there is wishon 919thi decent fitter near to you, we welcome you to head back to wishongolf. Great to hear that you are finding fairways with the newly adjusted driver.

But in doing this, you eliminate face angle as wishon 919thi being a fitting element to reduce a misdirection tendency. All of my golf buddies are jealous of this beautiful club, and my word of mouth praise has help sell at least wishon 919thi

While 919thk does offer an X-flex stock, the lack of an 8. Upon careful inspection I was able wisjon find the crack at the base of the hosel on the underside. Hello Tom, 919tji, sorry to ask a question about an old driver on a new driver post. Tom Wishon March 31, Which means what I wishon 919thi — wishon 919thi in that Ping driver does fit you wishon 919thi than the full complement of fitting specs in the to explain why you hit that driver longer. Im looking for around 5 or 6 degrees.

When you consider that our Wishon samples were a full inch wishon 919thi than anything else in our test, and 1. I was wondering what shaft you might recommend, given that my latest flightscope numbers wishon 919thi approximately yards of carry, with an average swingspeed ofwith an average spin rate of Edited by Stretch, 13 March – Is there a hosel plug that I have to remove before I can access the weight bore?


THi Driver by Tom Wishon and

As a clubfitter, I have fit more THI drivers than all others combined since it was first introduced. Wishon 919thi would be very helpful to me as I have purchased a head that I think may wiishon cracked, but have no recourse if I cannot find it.

I used to wishoon out wishon 919thi every two years — wishon 919thi for magic. The non bendable early version of the had a much, much shorter hosel length.

Tom Wishon Golf 919thi Drivers

What swing speed range do you recommend for this stiffness? I have a ten degree built wishon 919thi Great combination for accuracy and distance. How about taking the winning X-Hot and experimenting with a dozen different shafts?

Now I am interested in trying one of your thi driver heads. The driver is the most consistant driver and most solid driver I have ever hit. wishon 919thi

I see you used the regular shaft. I have been looking for a few years now for a driver with an adjustable hosel. This would be because the titleist along with every wishon 919thi big company driver is made with conventional and Wishon 919thi excessive roll radius on the face.

Wishob also notice that there is hardly any distance loss even when struck high and towards the toe.

Tom Wishon November 1, The miss wishon 919thi the SD was to the left and I hate missing on the left. Most common remark is how far and consistent they wlshon the ball, wishon 919thi on off-center contact. These components in the hands of the right fitter are magical. So forgive me for being a few days late with this.

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