How good is their annotation? This is a screenshot before things got worse: Go to original post. About every few hours or so, the some icons on the toolbar will disappear, leaving a black hole or just the gray background. Enhanced thin lines box is checked, the General tab does not display any “Check 2D graphics accelerator” box so it must not be a problem? Does anyone use Foxit?

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This is one frustrating issue! Left four pdf’s up over night and they are all operational still this morning.

I believe its an incompatability with the windows system, am testing it on another desktop to see if it happens. I am experiencing the same thing-everything operating normal, then icons start dropping and eventually get an internal error window.

Create is always the first button to go. I am using multiple monitors. I will report back the next time the problem winfast px8500gt tdh in spite of the changes.

I pray for the day that a few ambitous open-sourcers offer a better alternative and Adobe goes bankrupt. I’m so proud I could figure that out all by myself! Yes you are quite right. Photoshop cs5 has a copy bug, Acrobat has a winfast px8500gt tdh issue with disappearing icons, Flash crashes my chrome browser when I play and then scroll in another tab.

Will check the settings, if you could alter the post and remove the address, I sent from work email account and didn’t notice until I checked postings. This content has been marked as final. Thinking winfast px8500gt tdh problem might be my ATI add-in card, I dropped back to the Intel video in my HP desktop and tried to make everything as vanilla as possible.

If it is helpful, I have video of last winfast px8500gt tdh icons disappeared. It is not in the sense that the file is not corrupted.

winfasf Well at first appearance gdh ws working, but the more I searched. SimonATS winfast px8500gt tdh other Adobe folks. In order to replicate the issue I did what was previously mentioned. It’s also worth going to the General tab and ticking “Check 2D graphics accelerator” at the bottom, so winfast px8500gt tdh time Acrobat starts it’ll verify the driver stack is compliant.

I not only hope they can figure out this problem soon, but post the solution in a “Acrobat for Dummies” way.

Disappearing icons in Acrobat X toolbar | Adobe Community

Problem seemed to start when there were multiple Acrobat Pro windows open. Like everyone else, I usually have multiple documents open. They may be too large for upload to forum. I suspect that the three reporters are the only three with the patience to try to fix the bug, everybody else, including me, just winfast px8500gt tdh Acrobat X and reverts back to a working winfast px8500gt tdh.

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We not I are experiencing the same issue. It appears the refresh of t screen is not happening and thought it was just my desktop, but today the laptop exhibited the same.

Winfast px8500gt tdh in the section titled “Rendering” winfasy the Preferences dialog “Page Display” tab, last checkbox on the right column underneath “Enhance thin lines”.

I have the disappearing icons, etc. I am still so frustrated with this product, any chance you Adobe guys want to swap me Ac robat 8 Pro for this Acrobat X Standard.

I’m trying out Acrobat X, love the clean interface; a pity though they p8500gt not adopt the slider bar for zoom. Go to original post. Thank you for all the info alreay posted here and winfast px8500gt tdh all future info to come.

Two are listed below. I too am am having the disappearing icon problem.

I’ll have to restart the PC, and eventually face tdj same problem again. Adobe must have ;x8500gt some real morons.

As a reply to my own post, Winfast px8500gt tdh was able to recreate the issue on all models of our Lenovo hardware. I opened 2 Pc8500gt. But googling the problem only results in winfast px8500gt tdh forum, and it looks like only three people have bothered to complain.

Does anyone use Foxit? Usually, the auto-save feature works to recover any edits – highlights, comments etc – that I’ve made. I am completely illeterate when it comes to computers so I cannot tell you anything else. Only the UI display become erratic and the program eventually crashes. I hear they are times better than Acrobat. It worked for me flawlessly. Are you understanding our concerns here, have not heard from anyone at Winfast px8500gt tdh for awhile.

Even though I have only 2 PDFs open.

I noticed that if I used the middle scroll wheel as a button and held it down winfast px8500gt tdh I moved the mouse up and down, there wasn’t an issue. Operating system and service packs, graphics card model and memory.

I will txh to observe if the disappearing icons only occur after the find function is used. Please type your message and try again. Please enter a title.

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