Get a 7-inch long piece of duct tape, cut it in half length-wise and attach the 1 inch bare ends of the wires to the battery by wrapping the duct tape end-to-end around the battery. I’d really like to thank you all in this thread, especially the guy s who spoke about the electrical deal using a battery, which did the trick to me. Thanks for everyone who provided their help above: So I took the battery out and pushed the reset button for 15 seconds with a pen. I found this post and using a 3 Volts power supply to the motor, could fix the problem. The amount of expertise and years of intensive training allow us to perform repairs beyond the scope of all other electronics repair centers. It is a gear problem.

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The camera closed, accepting the tape I used to fix cameras and VCRs, the the symptoms suggested mode switch error the contacts in the rotary switch which report the mechanisms position back to the microprocessor, sony handycam dcr-hc48 weak and unreliable.

We recover hxndycam sony handycam dcr-hc48 deleted pictures and video Data. I tried reset in several ways, power on, power off, battery in, battery out. But what is your warranty?


I used electrical tape to attach sony handycam dcr-hc48 end of each wire to one end handydam the battery. I hit the top of the camera times on the counter and low and behold the tape descended back in to the camera. I took to sony.

But when I see sony handycam dcr-hc48 many people and I have visited skny other blog sites with the same exact problem and no solution or recall from Sony then I have to pull handyca, support from this company.

I have tried all above Seems this thread is sort of the number one market place for C. Many thanks to all. You can do the same. Neil B Tue, 19 Oct Turn the camera on tape, memory, edit settings for 15 seconds.

Alright it seems in my case you have to pull the battery out with the power off. I just want to say thanks to Nick Tue, 16 Jun Under the x top panel there sony handycam dcr-hc48 2 more little silver screws that need to come out before you can remove the side. I was getting the triangle The same thing happened to my camera, and I used the whacking technique and it worked!!

Easy sony handycam dcr-hc48 by step instructions on sending us your camcorder. Had the tape closing and opening a couple of times with a battery attached sony handycam dcr-hc48 wires,then the dreaded error came back. I have attached pics of the part and inside my camera. Anyhow in desperation I did the remove all power sources and gave it good hard smacks on the bottom u know at first u scared to damage this “sensitive” piece of equipment so your smacks are rather lightnow l didnt care anymore.

Put tape back in 2. He is not showing an HC7, but the motor and its location are the same.

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The pictures of inside of camera, and how to wire my Sony handycam dcr-hc48 battery really helped me. Now I got error C: I use the handycwm battery as a power sourse. I did not want to use the hitting the camera method. Joaquin Sun, 24 Jan I am guess that all of you that were fixing it but hitting it on the bottom actually had the same problem and the hitting happened to unstick the sony handycam dcr-hc48 button. The hitting method worked for me when I was frustrated to the point that I didn’t care if I broke then camcorder.


Chris Tue, 03 May Couldn’t work on it until I got back home. So I pushed it to the ON position not again for tape mode or anything etc and did the reset button again and just put the power lead in and pushed the door in and it worked and the camera acted as if it was brand dcr-nc48 because of the proper sony handycam dcr-hc48

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After repeatedly unplugging the sony handycam dcr-hc48 and turning back on keeping it on vcr or camera mode, and adding the bang theory, for about 1 to 2 hours, the tape finally made its way out to a full eject. Who would have thought the good old fashion bang on it method would work.

But I have to do the battery thing every time I have to close the tape unit As far as the latch goes, Nick sony handycam dcr-hc48 some pictures above that show the latch mechanism up near the viewfinder. Saying re-attach power supply with doors opened. Refer to Constantine’s article from December 8th, and Dave’s from November 30th, I have attached an image showing the parts and it might be a help to anyone.

It seems that the motor is not moving at all, I can’t even get the gear to move with slight pressure. I sony handycam dcr-hc48 a sata power cable modified like the pic I have and feed the prongs onto the motor until i lowers and the tape door shuts.

Something seemed to be preventing the carriage from latching and from my experience with other cameras, it seems like when the latch does close, the motor starts up. It was the guy who posted before that post called Jack Tue, 25 Nov Harry Wed, 04 Nov Constantine Sun, 06 Dec I’ve taken extra good care of it, having bought a comfy storage bag and all, sony handycam dcr-hc48, the other day when I had just finished a tape and ejected it, the tape compartment would just not close. But now that I have sony handycam dcr-hc48 way to retract the carriage, I may mess around with this a bit more.

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