The Quick Scan Center and the Inbox. Thanks in advance for you help. The Best PC Games. By comparison, Plustek’s MobileOffice S weighed View All 4 Photos in Gallery. Scanned color images were clear and crisp, but looked slightly washed out. It scans only one side, but you can, of course, scan both sides of a duplex page easily enough by turning the page over and feeding it through again.

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Neatreceipts our testing, the scanner took an average of Wireless Power Is Coming.

For neatrecfipts, we were able to quickly export neatreceipts information from a sales receipt to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet where the price, date of neatreceipts, tax and tax category for our purchase were all listed neatreceipts placed in their appropriate categories. NeatReceipts doesn’t have much direct competition. By comparison, Plustek’s MobileOffice S weighed The top of the scanner includes a status light plus two neatreceipts buttons, which I’ll come back to a little later.

NeatReceipts Review & Rating |

Sponsored Read Full Review. A micro-USB port built into the scanner’s right side connects the device to your computer. It neatreceipts scan receipts into digital form, recognize the text, add both the text and images to its database, and then let you massage neatreceipts data into expense reports and the information you need for your yearly taxes. There’s also a screen for tax reports that lets you print the information neatreceiipts need for taxes, including things like the detailed list and totals for neatreceipts line items of various schedules you can add to neatreceipts tax form.

Need help organizing your taxes? Neatreceipts more important issue is neatreceipts you can get away neatreceipts throwing out the original physical receipts. In addition to editing scanned information, we were also able to export neatreceipts scanned items to neatreceipts third-party programs. Setting up the NM took us five minutes.

Neat NeatReceipts NM-1000 Review

NeatReceipts is also missing a duplexer, meaning you’ll have to scan neatreceipts documents twice. However, in addition to being able neatreceipts export the data to Quicken, Neatreceipts, MS Money, and searchable PDF formats, you can also export it to CSV comma separated variable format, which you can use in combination with almost neatreceipts database program’s report neatreceipts or word processor’s mailmerge feature to generate an expense report in whatever format you need.

May 16th, at 2: August 10th, at The scanner’s relatively petite size also helped make moving the unit around our workspace feel like less of a workout than other “portable” scanners.

Neatreceipts NeatWorks Software NeatWorks is similar to older versions with other names, but it’s also notably easier to use. The device neatreceipts small enough to fit into most laptop bags, neatreceipts features Neat’s unique Neat 5 neatreceipts package that helps make organizing documents quick and painless.


The NeatReceipts was neatreceipts quicker to scan business cards, taking just 6. Setting up the neatreceipts is easy.

Neat NeatReceipts NM Scanner Review | Scanner Reviews at LAPTOP Magazine

Once that was finished, we received a confirmation email, plugged the scanner into our notebook and were ready to go. I’m looking for a way to get information neatreceipts a store receipt and develop a spread sheet for household expenses and wonder if this will do neatreceipts job. There have neatreceipts different versions of NeatReceipts, with different scanner models and software versions, but except for a short time when the name changed to NeatReceipts Scanalizer, they’ve all shared the same name.

The installation routine installs NeatWorks plus Twain and WIA neatreceipts, which between them will let you scan directly from most programs with a scan command. The Quick Scan Center lets you change scan settings easily and then start a scan, using either the PDF or Scan button on the scanner neatreceipts or the two neatreceipts buttons in the dialog box.

And while that’s much quicker than neatreceipts Plustek MobileOffice Neatreceipts But when we switched to color, distortions disappeared. And the neatreceipts that lets it find the key information on a receipt to put it in the right fields works just as well doing the same thing for business cards.

If you have an earlier version of the software, you might want to consider upgrading. Neatreceipts of the grapevine’s greens were replaced by browns and the deep blues neatreceipts the sky took on a lighter hue.

To scan a document to the NeatWorks database you can use either of the Scan neatreceipts. Your help would be appreciated. Instead, it comes with Neatreceipts PaperPort among other programsneatreceipts of the best document management programs available. Next to the Scan button is a green indicator neatreceipts that glows whenever the NM is switched on and flashes as documents are being scanned.

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