This is if you live in a big city. Connects the modem to the cable outlet using a coaxial cable. Makes me wonder why I switched from DSL! Wireless Networks and WEP. I have an SB and upgraded to Comcast Blast a couple of days ago. So my 2 year old sb I’d rate at 5 though I am having a situation right now where if I don’t use the internet for a period of time it seems to lose the connection.

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Learn about the hardware features, specifications and about what surboard light sequence means on the Motorola SB Motorola surfboard 5100 modem.

This part is common knowledge in the LAN world.

Hardware Information – Motorola SB Internet | Shaw Support

On this page, you will find motorola surfboard 5100 wurfboard will help familiarize you with your Motorola SB Internet modem. Works for me everytime. That is all I can confirm. The Modem is in its original box. Broadband Forums General Discussion Gallery.

I’m looking at getting this to replace notorola 3-yr old SB, which is motorola surfboard 5100 dropping the signal, requiring a power-off-power-on cycle to work again. Great Modem, no problems with it, purchased one to lower monthly cable bill has paid itself off a long time ago.

Motorola Surfboard SB5100 Cable Modems

However that’s probably a problem with the pc or the router, not motorola surfboard 5100 modem no settings for any of that. They are xurfboard, reliablestable, and long lasting work horses. But that is probably because I rearly get the full 8Mb of bandwidth I’m paying for.

User Articles Quick Reference. Quite some time later, approx. What is the internet type?

Liquibyte skippydunbar Sean9 anonymous [ Sean9 which IP address are you wanting to change? But thats more Comcast’s fault then Motorola Lets just clarify the whole Comcast issue in that I’m a Level 3 techinical support specialist for thier high speed motorola surfboard 5100 services.

This article motorola surfboard 5100 insight into: Occasionally you get a lemon but by and large they fail much less than any other modem that we distribute or that can be bought by the consumer.


And teach the others at motorola surfboard 5100 support too will ya! No problems with my surfboard ever. I did it before by using my ip address, now I have two ips to get through.

SG :: Motorola SB / SB Cable Modem

Power Solid Green Light: Well, no matter what anyone says, the beats the pants off the motorola surfboard 5100 runnng, connection losing Ambit modem they put on the end of my cable. Sufboard Cable Modem SB WAN port s type:. Hmmm, perhaps they don’t like more than one computer online at the same time, sounds like an EULA to me. Indicates the modem detects that it is physically connected to another device.

Comcast dosent care if you have a router. Does not include power or any other cables. CableOne was the best about it once they knew what it was, new motorola surfboard 5100 to the house including digging under the road and never a charge for any of it even service calls. Please see photos for details.

Hardware Information – Motorola SB5100 Internet Modem

Here are some additional details and connection features of the Motorola SB Internet modem. If anyone can provide a fix for the following, as it motoropa be great, may be that I’ve reached my bandwidth quota, so motorola surfboard 5100 isp is not letting my internet boost itself to the full of its speed.

Why can I not configure this modem?