So sorry to hear about your driver caving in. On address the Mizuno MP driver looks great, however looks alone cannot legitimise quite a steep price tag. I bought the Cleveland Custom adjustable shaved to. So after falling in love with my cc R9 setup, it was hard to lget older and lose distance as an avg golfer does. Would never go to any other stock driver. Went from carrying and stopping on a dime, to now carrying and rolling out to

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Not to mention the feedback on the face is amazing.

Mizuno MP-600 Driver Review

I have played 3 rounds with this driver now and my confidence off the tee is growing by the minute. Nathan Charles — January 29, Thank you to Steve and his gang. Definitely sitting on mizuno mp600 fast track high horse!

I am getting the yards I was looking for. All that they promise about the extra distance is true and I would recommend this service mizuno mp600 fast track anyone looking for that extra 20 yards on their drives.

Sorry for the rant. Jack Brown — December 2, I have 4 others shaved down from past years, and not one is int he same yardage. It also takes into account factors like wrist snap, torque, club head angle of approach, club face angle etc. Rick — May 8, We all want distance, just for ourselves, but WHD is too dang amazing to keep a secret.

Driver Shaving | World’s Hottest Drivers

I got to play two rounds before the courses closed and am having a tough time waiting til spring now. Mark English — Mizuno mp600 fast track 16, This system only shows when the label is created and when a delivery attempt is made.

I did research, called around and decided to go with WHD and having them make this new driver unique! Back when they launched the JetSpeed and mizuno mp600 fast track this big show for it all I went gaga and bought the driver.

Rance — February 4, This is now my fun club to show off and get me going for the day. I am spending way too much on golf drivers but this is just too much fun! All of the work is performed on the outside of the club.

Driver Shaving

Cobra L4v PX 6. Now, I hit the stock driver with my normal swing, where I always put it out at.

mizuno mp600 fast track I got six months of the best drives of my life. Sent in my SLDR S driver and while the black face was removed, the driver does what its supposed to do: They had nothing but positive things to say about the company.

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I shaved no pun intended 5 strokes off my average score on this course.

Mon Feb 15, I am not upset at all. When you mizuno mp600 fast track the drivers out there these days and they all hit about the same, you need to do something to take it a step further to keep your love for the game alive.

I have a 44 inch driver length and decided to send it in to see what it would do. I mizuno mp600 fast track my Cleveland driver shaved last year and am pleased with the results. I had my driver shaved about six months ago and the damn thing just caved in. Description Additional Information Reviews Product Description Our Process Our Process involves machining the face of the driver or fairway wood to make the face thinner creating more trampoline effect and distance.

Richard — June 7, Wed Mar 17, 6: Many straight down the fairway.

While the right side of the fairway has flat tree lined edge where you have to either draw it around the hill or carry the hill for yards mizuno mp600 fast track, Its a Par 5.

So yes, it is worth turning your run of the mizunno off the rack driver into something that is truly amazing.

Sure enough got it back and driving 15 mizuno mp600 fast track past the new Big Bertha line! My M1 not only has the adjustable technology that has helped correct my slice, but after having it shaved by WHD I am also hitting it longer, even on off center hits.

Time to hustle them like they hustle mizuno mp600 fast track Oldies. Low spin head and high ball speeds have gotten me my longest driver ever. M600 got what asked for, just need to get my next one based off their recommendations.

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