A note from DJ TechTools: Whether you are an electronic music artist and Live is your canvas, a DJ using Live to mix or remix tracks, or a more traditional musician using Live on stage or in the studio, you will find the APC20 to be the intuitive, powerful instrument that directly links your inspiration with Ableton Live. It’s the same height and depth, and logically uses the same parts and materials. Either way, both units make it a pleasure to navigate around in and take control of Live. Both units feature the same build quality, the same tight integration with Ableton Live software — either separately sold versions or the included APC version of Live — and similar value for the dollar.

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So far so fair enough, but the Mode buttons don’t stay lit to remind you of your selection, and it feels unnatural to switch from making a volume fade to a send effect for the same track. Some akai apc20 are excluded from our money back guarantee, including: Some folks will be disappointed that mains power is still required, considering that Novation has managed to get the Launchpad running akai apc20 USB – we’re guessing that a move over to bus powering would require a major overhaul, and that effort would have been reflected in akai apc20 price.

AKAI Professional – APC20

Likes Followers Followers Subscribers Followers. Lines akai apc20 in 13 hrs 16 mins. The APC20 is built with a rugged, metal chassis and slip-proof rubber detailing. There are also no compatibility issues between the APCs and the Launchpad – add it, and it’ll also get its own akai apc20.

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Apd20 artist interviews, in-depth gear akai apc20, essential production tutorials and much more. Akai really should make more of this in the APC20 promo material.

akai apc20 Now, instead akai apc20 coming out with something ‘new’, Akai has adapted the APC40, virtually cutting it in half and apparently shedding some of the functionality. By Markkus Rovito On Jun 2, apc220 The Shift button feels like what it is: It works, and if you’re not ducking and diving between sends and pans it’s wkai, but it’s kludgy at best.

Excellent build quality includes a metal chassis, hard rubber siding, solid faders and encoders, and rugged rubber buttons. A password will be e-mailed to you. But which one do you get if you only akai apc20 one?



This unique software demands an equally unique control instrument. Or do you go with another controller entirely?

So combining two units can give you dedicated access akau 16 tracks and an akai apc20 button grid. However, upon using them standard akai apc20 and clip launching, track selection, etc. Akai’s APC40, released last year, was the first ‘official’ Ableton Live controller, which gave it the right to carry the Ableton logo, and to offer a level of out-of-the box control that other MIDI gadgets could only dream of.

Returns must be unused and in their original, undamaged packaging. Sign in Recover your password. A note from DJ TechTools: It’s the same height and depth, and logically uses akai apc20 same parts akai apc20 materials.

The Akai Professional APC20

The APC40 was well-designed, well-built, and easy to akai apc20 – though there was a feeling that it was somewhat chunksome akai apc20 live gigs. How does that work if you bank through channels? That said, a beginner could definitely get off the ground in DJing, producing or performing akai apc20 apc2 the APC Edition before needing an upgrade. When Akai or Novation talk about adding up to six of their controllers, that could be in any combination, so you could have four Launchpads, an APC20, and an APC40 for the setup of your dreams.

But they do require a firm press akai apc20 if doing rapid-fire live beat creation, I may akai apc20 the smooth touch of the Monome or the larger pads of the Novation Lauchpad. Ableton was very involved with the akai apc20 of the original APC40 and we wonder how it feels about apc02 design compromises? Novation not coincidentally, Ableton’s UK distributors retaliated with the Akwi, a cheaper, smaller, USB-bus powered unit which gave the bare bones of Live Session View control, with the benefit of compatibility with other music apps through the Automap software.

Outstanding return on investment. With a smaller footprint than the APC40, it enables musicians to create a personalized setup xkai multiple APCs, effects controllers, and other devices.

A user mode enables you to use the clip launch buttons to control instruments and the drum rack.